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Jun. 16th, 2013

The Vampire Chronicles

Random post is random. I've had no energy (nor time) to actually write or RP anything lately, but today I was surfing the web and had the random (there's that word again) notion to cast Anne Rice's vampires if I was making a movie today.

This will be ongoing, probably, as I stumble upon faces that I like for the different roles. I may or may not offer more than one face for each role. We'll see. The one restriction I'm setting upon myself is to cast someone who actually looks like the book description of the character!!! What a concept, that.

I will also eventually make it into a pretty table or something. Maybe. LOL. I make no promises, with my time constraints and barely controlled borderline exhaustion.

Lestat )

Louis )

Armand )

Marius )

Daniel )

David Talbot )

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UPDATE: Well this was a cute idea for five seconds, and then Anne Rice decided to make a complete ass of herself defending a racist pig on facebook and now my will to ever finish this is gone. So much for being creative lmao.